Longer Luscious Locks with Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions

At G Studio Salon, you can speak to one of our extension specialists to achieve any look you desire. You can consult your stylist about adding length to fullness or adding a fashion color. At all appointments, you’re entitled to a complimentary consultation. Then you need to pay 50% deposit to book your full extension appointment. Get in touch with us today!



Here at G Studio Salon, we specialize in 2 types of  hair extensions. Our specialists design your look based on the brand that will work the best for your hair.

Braidless Sew-In Hair Extensions

Recommended for clients who want to add length & volume as they are growing their own natural hair. We braid little cornrows into your natural hair & sew new hair weft onto these braids.

Advantage: We recommend microlink sew-in hair extensions for clients who want to add length and volume as they are working on growing their own natural hair. This extension method generally lasts 4-8 weeks, and can be washed / styled as you would your own hair. Bimonthly maintenance is required, and we recommended they be removed by a professional. The linked row lays flatter on the head so you get less traction and hair loss. It generally doesn’t pull the hair at the root, which can happen with a weave braid during the first week or until your hair grows in.

Average Cost: $100/row – (Must bring in your own extensions on weft)


  • Adds length & /volume while growing your own natural hair
  • Lasts 4-8 weeks
  • Can be washed & styled as you would your own hair


Clip On Hair Extensions

Clip-ons are the easiest, the most lightweight and safest way to add more hair. Whether you want to add more hair or you crave a new bold look and fun, you can place these clip on extensions.

How To Apply: Clip ins can be applied in just a few steps, starting with separating your hair into sections. Once you have parted your hair, each clip is aligned, snapped into place and secured. Clip-ons are safe since they do not require adhesives or glues. Our salon offers a large variety of clips with extensions in many colors, textures and types.

Tip: Just because they are easy to apply, installing them incorrectly causes stress on your own hair. Also, the extensions may fall out if not applied right, and they may causes pulling if tugged. They also need to be taken out gently. Comb and condition them frequently to keep them fresh and healthy looking.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Temporary or long term
  • OK for daily use
  • They are safe
  • Integrates with own hair

Brand names we carry